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Warrego is a 23.95m utility vessel designed to support a diverse range of Offshore Oil and Gas operations in challenging sea states.

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Komodo is a 24.8m utility vessel modified to conduct extended environmental, oceanographic & geophysical survey operations at sea.

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Calypso is a 24m vessel designed for extended offshore marine survey and environmental research. Calypso is equipped with an A-Frame.

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Ocean Spirit

Ocean Spirit is a modern design high speed utility vessel, presently configured for passenger transfer and survey duties with 20 passenger seats.

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VG is suitable for oceanographic/ geophysical survey, instrument deployment/recovery/servicing, transfers and other work scopes.

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Utikka Rose

Utikka Rose is a 7.85m jet boat.

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GMS Fleet

For more concise reading, you can view the specifications of all our vessels in one single PDF document. please click the Download button below.

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